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Ten percent of online card sales go to these organizations that help flora and fauna in need:

- International Fund for Animal Welfare

- Four Paws

- International Animal Rescue

- Project Seagrass




2018/2019: IFAW $35, Four Paws $35, IAR $35, Project Seagrass $35

2017: IFAW $25, Four Paws $25, IAR $25, Nature Conservancy $50

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Florist/Store Locations

- Nancy's Floral Boutique and Candy Shoppe (floristinlebanon.com)

- Let it Bead (letitbeadlebanon.com)

- Classics Flowers Cafe Bakeshop, Cypress, CA (Orange County)

Jennifer Puccio is the face behind Ickle Bickle Creations and grew up in a California Delta town in Northern California. As a professional writer and greeting card artist, she pens girl adventure and endangered species ebooks and novellas for a young and young adult audience, fulfilling a dream of caring for children and saving the world through writing and activism.​​ Ten percent of each greeting card (and eventually book and merch) purchase is sent to the following organizations that work locally and/or globally to support human, flora, and fauna conservancy:
1. International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) - Works closely with community populations and saves individual animals, animal populations and habitats locally and globally, from human or natural disaster, strengthening wildlife crime laws for commercial whaling and seal hunts.
2. Four Paws - Provides rapid and direct help locally and globally for animals in distress during natural and human disasters, including war zones.
3. International Animal Rescue - Works with countries to institute spay/neuter programs for strays, rescues endangered species from illegal pet trade, provides habitat for those trapped in their own dwindling habitats due to deforestation.
4. Project Seagrass - Conserves seagrass ecosystems through education, influence, research and action.

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