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When Harry Met Meghan Because That About Sums it Up

Though I am a bit of a royalist, follow the “fab four” on Instagram via the official KensingtonRoyal site, until a week ago I thought Meghan was some faraway Caucasian gal from Canada, not a nearby Angelino!

I learned this with the presentation of the hand-drawn Instrument of Consent by Queen E the 2nd, granting royal permission for the upcoming marriage between Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle. I was moved by the detail and creation of Ms. Markle’s crest and the meaning behind it for her origins, a sweet act of loving, albeit formal, sentiment.

Being an adopted Angelino, my romantic fancies were activated as to how we SoCal folk could be celebrating this happy day and I quickly found locations in Los Angeles and Orange County (see below) holding English tea and a televised view of the festivities.

I also had no idea she is African American, which I discovered this week as I searched like an anxious bridesmaid for news about the various preparations leading to the nuptials and to my chagrin read about the racism hurled at her. And then I had two thoughts, one fanciful and the other intellectual and who is to say which is which?

I thought of Tolstoy and his view of history as mentioned in his book, War and Peace, where he posits that the forces shaping historical events are infinitely many and unknowable and that a leader is in no way more special than any other person in having a role in shaping history.

Enter Meghan Markle going on a blind date with a prince she didn’t know much about.

I was then filled with gratitude that these two souls met and hoped for a large brood of caramel sweeties, as I mused on a Langston Hughes poem.

I believe Ms. Markle and the generations that come from her marriage with Prince Harry will be an integral part of the history of humanity, to remind the world that humans of any race have had and have a rightful place anywhere on the globe, especially royalty.

A toast to our former Angelino soon to be Duchess!

And a P.S. – did you know Harry and Meghan are distant cousins?

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